About Circuit Advisor

Circuit Advisor started off as a simple idea that raced through Doug's brain in early 2008. Although having created and maintained his own business website, Doug realized this project would take some more resources than a server and some HTML coding. In order to incorporate secure streaming of both the audio and visual files, online registration and payments, and cutting-edge design and organization, he would have to find an experienced web programmer.

Luckily for him, he didn't have to look far. His soon-to-be son-in-law fit the bill. Doug enlisted Kevin to help him build and maintain Circuit Advisor from the ground up. The two have them worked together to create the best website they could, through both original and thought-provoking content to some of the newest web programming tricks and trades available.

Circuit Advisor's goal is to enrich the minds of its Members and invoke an exciting new outlook on circuit design and troubleshooting. Please feel free to contact us with ideas for audio or video files, questions, comments, or any other feedback you wish to share.

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